Practical Insights: What does brand stand for?

Practical Insights: What does brand stand for?

  • Broadcast: Monday 23 March 2015
  • Paul Hitchens

Who are you and what do you stand for? Being clear on what we stand for and believe in might seems instinctive and sincere, but are you certain the organization you work for has a clear ethos that is shared by your colleagues and external audiences?

Strong values provide an ethical code of behaviour that influences staff, suppliers and customers. When employees share a brand's core values, they are more likely to feel content, empowered and fulfilled. Values may originally derive from an organisation's founders and evolve over time as a business flourishes. If you don't clarify and communicate these values, they may become diluted and compromise the qualities that made the organisation successful in the first place.

In this webinar, brand expert and CIM Course Director, Paul Hitchens, shares his knowledge and insights with you on:

  • What are values and why do they matter
  • Where values come from and how they link to a healthy culture
  • The four types of values
  • The systems for understanding values
  • How to choose values to deliver behaviours
  • How to add personality to your core values
  • How to write a Core Values Statement
The webinar is for you if you're a:
  • Marketing professional
  • Branding professional
  • Business owner/Director/Entrepreneur
  • HR Professional
  • Recruitment specialist

About the Speaker

Paul Hitchens
Paul Hitchens Course Director, CIM
Paul Hitchens Course Director CIM

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