Practical Insights: The future marketer

Practical Insights: The future marketer

  • Broadcast: Tuesday 16 October 2018
  • Daniel Rowles

What skills and characteristics will be essential to the success of the future marketer? This webinar will explore how marketing and the business environment are changing, and what this means to marketers. The session will look at the essential skills that will be needed, and how we can develop an approach to life long learning. Using practical examples and tools throughout, attendees will leave with techniques they can take away and apply straight away, including a 5 step plan to life-long learning.

What you will learn:

  • How the marketing and business environment is changing
  • The essential skills and approaches to a marketer’s success
  • How we can constantly learn and develop with limited time and resources


About the Speaker

Daniel Rowles
Daniel Rowles Course Director, CIM

Daniel Rowles is an award winning public speaker and author, CEO of and Associate Professor at Imperial College London. He is a Fellow of the CIM and is renowned for his straight forward, practical and hands-on training sessions.

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