Practical Insights: Strategic marketing

Practical Insights: Strategic marketing

  • Broadcast: Tuesday 30 September 2014
  • Debbie Clewes

Strategic marketing focuses on how to develop competitive advantage through creating, communicating and delivering superior customer value. This requires insight into your changing marketplace and decisions including market selection, product development, building a strong brand and generating customer loyalty. The strategic marketing planning process helps to focus attention on these key value drivers.

This Practical Insights webinar sees Debbie Clewes, lead CIM Course Director on the subject, share her expertise in creating and implementing a strategic marketing plan. Within this one hour session, she demonstrates practical one-page analysis, strategy and implementation frameworks to help you achieve your strategic marketing objectives and improve the effectiveness of your marketing investments.

So if you are about to develop a strategic marketing plan for the first time or want to compare your current approach to best practice examples, then this webinar is for you.


About the Speaker

Debbie Clewes
Debbie Clewes Course Director, CIM

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