Qualifications: Advance your digital skills at management level

Qualifications: Advance your digital skills at management level

  • Broadcast: Tuesday 05 December 2017
  • Michael O'Flynn

Watch this Qualifications webinar with Michael O’Flynn, Sales and Marketing Director at the Professional Academy, where we'll be exploring the aspects that make up the new Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing.


This qualification has been specifically designed to bridge an identified skills gap within the market and aims to equip experienced marketers with the skills they need to develop effective digital strategies, drive digital experiences and master digital channels.


This webinar will cover: 

• Why the digital diploma was created
• The importance of embracing digital change
• Inspiring a spirit of digital innovation within your business
• Understanding your audience and their experience
• Understanding how to create an effective communication strategy
• How to prepare for the digital challenges ahead

About the Speaker

Michael O'Flynn
Michael O'Flynn Sales & Marketing Director, The Professional Academy

Michael has a decade’s worth of applying digital techniques to sales and marketing to achieve cost effective high impact results for various companies. Since cutting his teeth in the highly competitive and high-pressure hospitality sector to join Professional Academy as sales & marketing manager (a company for which he is now the Sales & Marketing Director), he has been able to not only implement these skills in his day-to-day job role but pass this knowledge on to help companies and individuals use digital technologies and skills more effectively to improve sales and marketing activity as well as operational performance.


Michael is also a fierce supporter of the growth of digital skills within business especially within marketing, having been published several times in 2017 voicing his opinions on the digital skills gap in the sector including within the Huffington post and various business journals. Michael was one of the first to consult on the content and purpose of the Digital Diploma so is ideally placed to answer questions as well as shed insight on the ever-evolving roll of digital marketing.

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