Member Exclusive: Inspiring leadership to deliver outstanding results

Member Exclusive: Inspiring leadership to deliver outstanding results

  • Broadcast: Tuesday 19 May 2020
  • Dylis Guyan

Effective leadership can be difficult in normal circumstances, but unprecedented times and uncertainty makes it tougher than ever before. That means that effective leadership is more important than ever and leaders, of all types from the C-Suite to the coalface, must emerge to deal with the present challenges and lead teams through the crisis in to the new normal.

In our hour long webinar, CIM course director Dylis Guyan reveals her three essential strategies for leadership and how to apply them to the current crisis and beyond. Watch on demand and discover:

  • How to lead a team with confidence, courage and resilience
  • The importance of creating the right environment for your team
  • How to align team members to business objectives.

CIM members can now access our webinar on demand and find out how to become an inspiring leader and achieve outstanding results.

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About the Speaker

Dylis Guyan
Dylis Guyan Course Director, CIM

Dylis Guyan is an international B2B sales and marketing leader, coach and speaker. Considered one of the most effective B2B sales experts in the UK, she has over 30 years of experience in the field and has worked for clients such as Barclay's and Aviva.

For CIM, she is our Sales and Business Development Skills course director.

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