Member Exclusive: Get warm leads into the marketing funnel

Member Exclusive: Get warm leads into the marketing funnel

  • Broadcast: Wednesday 06 May 2020
  • Robert Elding

Businesses of all sizes and sectors have been affected by recent events. Now more than ever, businesses need a selling system that will bring warm leads in to the business who are ready to buy now.

It’s time to use cutting edge techniques because getting customers through the marketing funnel has scarcely been more important. Channel Dynamic’s MD and ‘pay-per-lead’ expert Robert Elding will show you:

  • The importance of the marketing funnel and the techniques surrounding it
  • How to engage with prospects across a large number of platforms
  • His tips for getting a steady flow of warm leads through to a steady supply of sales.

Watch on demand to find out how to get warm leads into the marketing funnel.

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About the Speaker

Robert Elding
Robert Elding Course Director, CIM

Robert Elding is a postgraduate digital transformation specialist with more than 20 years of experience in cross platform digital transformation, product and proposition development, digital marketing, B2B, B2C, e-commerce blockchain and medtech. His areas of expertise include excellent strategic and analytical skills, sound commercial acumen and the ability to make things happen. 

He has been involved with insight driven product innovation, user experience and usability since the mid 1990s, forging his career at British Airways, leading projects on, The Times Online and for clients of his digital agency. He also studied for the CIM Diploma and has an MA in Marketing. As well as specialising in sales and marketing funnels, he is the founder of Channel Dynamics.

For CIM he is the User Experience Course Director.

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