Member Exclusive: Effective email marketing for customer retention

Member Exclusive: Effective email marketing for customer retention

  • Live broadcast: Thursday 04 June 2020
  • 13:00 BST
  • Olly Beckett

Email marketing offers the flexibility to deliver relevant, timely comms straight into the inbox of your audience – but too many businesses do not have the knowledge to use it effectively and, right now, it's needed more than ever.

Join us for our next member exclusive webinar on the renewed importance of email marketing, looking at how to tailor your messaging through the crisis and beyond. With fiercer competition in the digital space than ever before, businesses fearful of creating more noise may be tempted to scale back, but this can be a costly mistake. In this webinar, discover why fully optimised emails are a key pillar of marketing strategy for our current time.

Members can learn:

  • How to keep up regular email contact without alienating your customers
  • All about creating different messages for different people at different times
  • The stages of crisis planning and how to prepare your messaging for beyond it.

Register for our webinar here.

About the Speaker

Olly Beckett
Olly Beckett Course Director, CIM

Olly Beckett is an online communications specialist, with a focus on content creation, team management, data management and analytics. He has often been a guest speaker at various marketing events, is experienced in campaign management and proficient at taking responsibility for major projects.

For CIM, he is our Email Optimisation Course Director.

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