Brand Contributor: Retaining mobile app users – boost engagement and reduce churn

Brand Contributor: Retaining mobile app users – boost engagement and reduce churn

  • Broadcast: Wednesday 17 May 2017
  • Emily Buckman

When marketers don’t message new opt-in app users, they waste 95p of every pound acquiring them since only 5% continue to use those apps 90 days later. Considering the cold-hard cash that goes into app user acquisition, let’s focus on how you can keep them and grow their engagement with your brand to generate sales.

 In this webinar, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of mobile app retention benchmarks;
  • Learn new user retention data showing the impact of messaging at different intervals in the app user lifecycle, including findings specific to key industry verticals;
  • Hear recommendations on when & what to message to increase new user retention rates;
  • Gain understanding of how predictive churn software works, and how you can identify users at-risk and take action while there’s still time.



About the Speakers

Emily Buckman
Emily Buckman Global Strategic Consultant, Urban Airship

Based in Urban Airship’s London office, Emily is a Global Strategic Consultant. Emily has worked with top brands to create successful digital innovations, develop winning mobile strategic plans, and nurture strategic partnerships. Before joining Urban Airship, Emily held various positions with Samsung, most recently as the head of CRM and Data.

 Urban Airship’s’ Strategic Consulting team helps mobile innovators like Starbucks and Home Depot plan and optimize their mobile experiences. Our experts help craft omni-channel acquisition, retention, and loyalty strategies for global clients in almost every industry vertical.

Neel Banerjee
Neel Banerjee Senior Product Manager, Urban Airship

As Senior Product Manager at Urban Airship, Neel Banerjee is on the front line of technology powering customer engagement via his focus on mobile marketing, analytics, and push notification. At Urban Airship he works with industry leading companies to help them create engaging experiences for their customers while also creating ways to track metrics and ROI. With over a decade of experience as an Electrical Engineer, Neel owns a score of patents from his work in R&D and innovation groups at Columbia Sportswear and Hewlett-Packard.  He is active in the tech community and supports various organizations that promote innovation.

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