Brand Contributor: Master marketing ROI

Brand Contributor: Master marketing ROI

  • Broadcast: Tuesday 17 November 2015
  • David Still

It’s often referred to as the holy grail of marketing – knowing with confidence what impact each media channel has on sales. Measuring the ROI of marketing across channels is certainly not easy though, especially with the recent increase in device fragmentation.

During this webinar, Sandro Catanzaro (Co-Founder, Senior Vice President of Analytics and Innovation at DataXu) and David Still (Head of Brand Strategy, Insight and Operations at Vodafone) explain the limitations of traditional attribution models and how new scientific models can be adopted to prove the causal effect of marketing on sales.

DataXu and Vodafone have been working together for 18 months. During this webinar, David shows how adding scientific rigour to marketing has enabled Vodafone to prove how changes to marketing investments (including TV, search and display) impact both online and offline sales. Not only does he talk through how Vodafone implemented the marketing intelligence platform, but also how it can be used for scenario planning and future investment decisions that marketers constantly have to make. 

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About the Speakers

David Still
David Still Head of Brand Strategy, Insight and Operations, Vodafone

A classically trained FMCG marketer starting off his career in Brand Management at Carlsberg-Tetley, David has worked across a number of different brands ranging from Carlsberg Lager, Radio Times, Bisto, Homebase, BT and Vodafone.

At BT, David was Head of Consumer Communications, leading the development of the Consumer campaign, and was part of the team responsible for BT Infinity and BT TV launches.

At Vodafone, David is Head of Brand Strategy, Insight and Operations, and looks after planning, strategy, analysis and modelling. He has also been part of the team that launched 4G and Broadband.


Sandro Catanzaro
Sandro Catanzaro Co-Founder, Senior Vice President of Analytics and Innovation , DataXu

Sandro Catanzaro is the kind of technologist and data science virtuoso whose knowledge of business issues shapes the DataXu platform’s ability to gain marketing insights from customer data. Drawing on his business and science background, he co-invented the real-time optimization algorithm at the core of the DataXu platform.

Sandro earned two Master’s degrees from MIT – one from the Sloan School of Management, the other from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Prior to attending MIT, Sandro launched several successful businesses in his native South America, including one that was acquired by Unilever.

David Still Head of Brand Strategy, Insight and Operations Vodafone
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