Brand Contributor: How to visually analyse your social media data

Brand Contributor: How to visually analyse your social media data

  • Broadcast: Thursday 15 June 2017
  • Jo Grimmond

Social media is a key marketing tool, but in-between all of the buzz, it's important for marketers to analyse their social media data to discover new insights. The goal of your social media campaign may be to increase brand awareness but do you have the data to show this and what other insights does the data show? Analysing your social media data correctly is critical to running successful campaigns and this session will show you how.

 In this webinar Joanna Grimmond (@joannagrimmond), Senior UK Marketing Manager at Tableau, and product expert Geraldine Zanolli (@illonage) will show how you can start analysing your own social media data, quickly and easily. We'll take your through the whole process of extracting your data and then building visualisations and dashboards that will help you discover powerful insights.

 You can expect to to learn about:

  • The key social media metrics and how you can quickly analyse those metrics
  • How to extract your social media data and visualise it in minutes
  • How to connect to your Facebook data through the Web Data Connector
  • The critical visualisations and dashboards for analysing your campaigns.

About the Speakers

Jo Grimmond
Jo Grimmond Senior UK Marketing Manager , Tableau

As head of UK Marketing at Tableau, the leading data and analytics company, Joanna truly understands the power of data. She is responsible for leading a number of marketing campaigns, both in the digital world and in the field environment, with every decision backed by data analysed in Tableau. You can follow @joannagrimmond on Twitter for an insight into the marketing machine at Tableau. 

Geraldine Zanolli
Geraldine Zanolli Product Consultant , Tableau

Geraldine is a data visualisation expert who spends her time at Tableau helping to solve people’s data problems. Not only does she love visually analysing data, she’s also a self-confessed social media geek. Make sure to follow @illonage on Twitter for data visualisation tips and tricks. 

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