Top 5 tips to Keep Social Honest

Our top 5 tips to Keep Social Honest showcases clear guidelines into how you can ensure your brand is transparent and honest online.

How we share and absorb information has developed tremendously over the past decade. Technology and social media have advanced far beyond what we comprehended, and consumers are more immersed and in control than ever before. Therefore, the way businesses go to market, and how they use social media to represent their brand has to significantly change.

We recently conducted some research which explores the path to positive engagement between brands and consumers on social media. This research identified transparency and trust as two main barriers to achieving this.

  1. Know the law – familiarise yourself with the CAP Code  and the CMA’s guidance on how to comply with the law on online reviews and endorsements.
  2. Make sure those responsible for marketing on social media in your business have the right knowledge and skills – businesses should adopt social media compliance as a professional development priority for marketing staff, and provide the appropriate training and support.
  3. Set a policy and revisit regularly – set out the behaviours and standards on social media that reflect your brand and values. Social media and related technologies are constantly changing. So, policies need to be subject to regular review.
  4. Get everyone on board – make sure all of your employees and any supplier partners you use are aware of your social media policy and commit to complying with it. Make it part of the HR process and supplier contracts.
  5. Make your position public – once you have a policy in place, let your customers know what they can expect from you and welcome their feedback.

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Top 5 tips to Keep Social Honest

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