Digital Summit 2014 - Ash Roots

Ash Roots

In June 2013, Ash Roots spoke at the Digital Summit just a few months into his role as Director of Digital at Direct Line Group. Brought in to lead a digital transformation at the major insurer, he explained what he’d learned in his early weeks and months… what was working and what wasn’t… how he was trying to build capability and what he saw coming down the road. One year later, Ash reprised his role with an update. How had the last year gone? What progress had been made and what led to that progress? Did things really pan out the way he thought and if not, what got in the way and how did he tackle it?

Digital Summit 2015

Now joining us for the third year in a row, Ash will provide a further ‘digital dear diary’ update, focusing specifically on his team’s work to influence change to build a truly digital culture across the organisation.


Ash Roots Director of Digital Direct Line Group
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