Brand relevance in a globalised world

Andrew Welch shares his views on what it means to be a global marketer today. 

We spoke to Andrew Welch, managing director of global brand consulting and design firm Landor London, on what it takes for brands to be relevant in our fast-moving, interconnected and complex world. 

Welch said that 'globalisation' is a massive term for the agency – but when broken down to its component parts, it is about leveraging the advantages of size and scale with the benefits of proximity and local understanding. 

He said that globalisation has demanded every marketer to understand a much more intimate notion of what it takes to be relevant.

Watch the video to find out what Welch's four dimensions of brand relevance – Resonance, Responsiveness, Reinvention and Real – involve and how these can be addressed by marketers, and why he thinks any company, big or small, national or international, should be thinking and acting globally. 

Interested in hearing more from Andrew Welch? You can read his full interview in Catalyst issue six

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