Merging Promise and Experience 2012
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Merging Promise and Experience 2012

The branded customer experience benchmark.

In today’s globalised, interconnected and service-dominant economy, creating compelling, distinctive and meaningful engagements with customers and consumers is becoming ever more challenging.

Today’s customer has greater choice, information and power than marketers have witnessed to date. Their expectations from the brands and businesses they choose to buy from continue to grow, placing new pressures upon the growth ambitions of businesses.

In the background, the last fifteen years have seen the concept of branding evolve from merely a design and communications-led ideal to one which runs far deeper into the DNA of an organisation.

Today’s CMO has little choice but to acknowledge that whilst brands are built on promises, it’s the experience delivered that makes the difference between a myth and a reality.

It’s with these challenges in mind that CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) joined forces with Lippincott to explore the organisational factors which help brands to bridge the gap between promise and reality.

Guided by an experienced steering committee, we surveyed senior marketing and brand leaders from over 100 major, international businesses to understand opinions, actions and the characteristics of high-performing organisations.

These are the results.

 Merging Promise and Experience Report

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