Marketing Capability 2010
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Marketing Capability 2010

"Marketing capability will not be transformed by tackling the skills agenda alone"

A recent study found that marketing leaders want their teams to have a more meaningful contribution to strategy. However, less than 25% of senior leaders believe the right skills are in place.  

So we asked those underlying questions that all organisations want to know:

  • What are those skills?
  • How should organisations identify and then develop them?
  • What other factors influence the ability of marketers and marketing departments to deliver sustained, demonstrable value?

This paper summarises the findings and ideas from the forum’s research and discussions around the topic of marketing capability. Where possible, it extracts key learnings, success factors and road-tested ideas that capture the best of the real life experience of the leading organisations that make up this group. 

Have a read of our findings below.

Marketing Capability Report

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