Customer Experience Management 2010
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Customer Experience Management 2010

A practitioner's check-list for driving change 

In fiercely competitive, fast-moving industries, how we interact with our customers may well become the only real competitive differentiator our companies have left. Yet customer experience management seems to be a source of disconnect in many organisations, given little prominence or structured attention.

In 2010, we surveyed a sample of participant organisations and found:

  • Only 18% of CMOs have the ultimate accountability for customer experience
  • 9 out of 10 agree that their organisations understand how customer experience can provide competitive differentiation
  • Only 18% agreed that they have clearly articulated the desired customer experience
  • More than half agreed that operational decisions are influenced by their impact on the customer experience

The research revealed that marketing is either not positioned to champion this important issue, or is reluctant to try. 

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Customer Experience Management 2010

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