Building Customer Centric Businesses 2010
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Building Customer Centric Businesses 2010

Whilst many organisations describe customer centricity as key to the future growth and profitability of their organisations, few define what this means in actionable and measurable terms.

What’s more, many marketing functions – the traditional standard bearers of customer centricity – are failing to exemplify in their own actions the customer orientation they advocate to the rest of the organisation. In our first meeting of the Marketing Transformation Leadership Forum, customer centricity and marketing’s role therein was described thus:

Marketing drives and diffuses ownership of our customers by ensuring the unique value of our business is understood and delivered by each and every customer touch point and channel (partners, account teams, sales, trainers, service centres, help desks, etc.)

Our strategic direction is informed and inspired by real customer insight – by consumer needs, purchasing and usage behaviour, by competitor positioning and market trends. All strategic planning, brand and demand generation activity is driven and prioritised on the basis of this understanding; that is what ‘customer centricity’ means.

How close are our marketing organisations to living up to this ideal?

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