Brand Experience Report 2016
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Brand Experience Report 2016

In marketing, we are all after one thing: space in a consumer's mind.

To achieve this, a positive brand experience is required. After all, if a consumer doesn't feel a connection with a brand, then it will fail to make it into the consumer's consideration set.

The choice of brands within today’s market has grown exponentially over the years. Due to this, the expectation and demands from consumers will only continue to increase.

This is one of the core reasons as to why brand has evolved from a purely communications-led concept to one that needs to run through the very heart of every organisation. Ultimately, it’s the customer journey that is now acknowledged as defining the brand.

It’s with this ideology in mind that we here at CIM, with the support of Brandworkz, commissioned this thought leadership report in 2016 to identify key areas within organisations that most urgently need tackling, in order to enable marketers to deliver on their desired brand experience.


Brand Experience Report 2016

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