The top three priorities for marketers in 2017

The top three priorities for marketers in 2017

Research outlines the key trends marketers are prioritising in the year ahead.

A recent study by CIM has revealed that the impact of technology, the continuing reinvention of customer experience, and questions of leadership will be the key trends influencing marketers’ jobs in the year ahead.

The majority of marketers surveyed (76%) feel ad-blocking will encourage greater creativity, while 38% said it could lead to a decline in online marketing. Personalisation (42%), data-driven marketing (37%) and influencer marketing (31%) also top their list of concerns.

Technology continues to have a big influence on marketing, as 49% of respondents report that they are under greater pressure to reinvent the customer experience as a result of tech disruptors like Uber and Amazon raising the bar on customer expectation, with one in five businesses (20%) revealing that customer experience is now their primary focus for 2017.

Responses to the survey show that that the role of marketing is increasingly being seen as crucial during this time of fast-paced technological change. Understanding consumer behaviour has always been a central aspect of marketing, but the wealth of consumer data now available to marketers further helps them to understand what prompts a consumer to purchase a particular product, and to track their behaviour throughout the customer life cycle.

This vital knowledge cements marketing’s role in customer strategy and, underlining this point, CIM’s research shows that marketing departments are now expected to lead customer strategy for almost a third (32%) of companies. This central role is also changing how marketing is viewed by those in the industry; almost a third (32%) of respondents now see it as a pathway to senior management.

When it comes to technology trends that are rising in importance for marketers, chatbots, virtual reality and short-lived content are beginning to feature on priority lists. Currently, 8% or 9% of marketers see these as areas of focus for 2017 – a figure that may grow during the course of the year.

The research highlights that marketers consider themselves well-placed to embrace change and new technologies, and value the creative aspects of marketing. But while new technologies are being taken up, the fundamental marketing skills of delivering more personalised, targeted and influential campaigns, still remain at the centre of marketers’ everyday life.


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