Stay ahead with online study

Stay ahead with online study

Keeping up to date with the latest skills is more important than ever before – but making time for study is a tall order for many marketers

2018 has been a testing year for marketers. With budgets under scrutiny and objectives unclear as we hurtle towards Brexit, keeping up to date with the latest skills required of today’s marketer is no small task. If committing the latest GDPR legislation to memory wasn’t enough, the rapid pace of digital advancement has many scratching their head as they struggle to understand the full suite of marketing tools available today.

For the modern day student, more tools and resources are available than ever before, making studying online is a great option for time-poor marketers looking to keep ahead. With more challenges on the horizon, 2019 is the year to invest in an online qualification. Here’s why:


1. Cutting edge resources

The resources available to those choosing to study online have advanced rapidly. With e-tutorials, webinars and podcasts, distance learning is no longer the ‘lonely place’ it once was. Students can also benefit from a sense of community with other classmates from designated WhatsApp groups to share knowledge and guidance.

CIM’s Sophisticated Learning Management Systems have revolutionised the possibilities for those studying online, with interactive tutorials, animations, work-based activities, and online sessions where delegates can interact with a tutor and their fellow students to ask questions, share knowledge and keep on track.


2. Tailor to your needs

Studying a qualification is a great way to advance your career, but finding the time to invest in face-to-face learning can be a problem for marketers at all levels. Online learning gives options to professionals with work and lifestyle commitments that can make it difficult to participate in face-to-face learning.

And for those with a busy lifestyle, online resources are not just benefiting students looking for extra support, they are revolutionizing the traditional timetable of study, allowing studying professionals to access their materials anywhere, any time. This means that whether you learn best in the morning or at 3am, at your desk or in your bed, there are options to suit your requirements.


3. Getting buy in from employer

Whilst more employers are recognising the value of continued professional development, getting buy in from an employer can still be a challenge for many marketers looking to upskill. Online learning can help to overcome any concerns regarding time or budgets.

In most cases, the attraction of online learning for an employer can be that it allows the staff member to balance study with time spent in the workplace, and blended learning courses that combine on-line study with traditional classroom sessions cost minimal time in the office.


4. Skills beyond your qualification

Learn beyond your qualification discipline and demonstrate to your employer that you are a self-starter, with the discipline and motivation to meet deadlines without supervision – skills that are essential in today’s workplace, and can add kudos to even the most polished CV.

With relevant modules tailored to the modern marketer, CIM qualifications are based on unique Professional Marketing Competencies that help marketers meet the demands of their career, no matter what stage you’re at. Our qualifications offer a range of relevant modules to fit your requirements, including modules in metrics, strategy, digital marketing and customer experience, which can each be taken as individual awards if you need to upskill in a specific area, fast.


At CIM, we have recognised that the relentless pace of change within the marketing industry means there is a real business case for marketers to invest in upskilling, no matter what level they are at. In 2018, CIM’s own Accredited Study Centre, CIM Academy, launched online learning for the Certificate in Professional Marketing and Diploma in Professional Marketing. Find out more about our learning solutions and sign up for 2019 enrolment now.

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