Responsible recruitment: let the right ones in

Responsible recruitment: let the right ones in

Brand culture can be inculcated through training, but recruiting people with the right character is even more important. Here are five reasons why teaming up with human resources is a good idea for marketers.

1. Employees are key to creating a consistent brand experience

CIM’s 2016 Brand Experience report found that many marketers feel their organisations are not speaking to customers with one, consistent voice.

After finding that only a third of marketers believe that all employees in the organisation understand how they deliver brand promise to the customer – and only half that employees’ values and behaviour are intuitively aligned with their organisation’s brand promise – CIM looked at practical steps to improve matters.

The conclusion was that organisations which invest in ensuring staff understand the brand – through training, inductions and having a brand ambassador outside the marketing team – are able to overcome the issue. All three of these steps will require close co-operation with HR.

2. You should have one brand, not two

Companies that have different brands or policies for employees and customers can experience real problems. At the very least, HR and marketing should communicate to ensure a consistent message.

3. Contact with HR will help you to boost your department's standing

The Brand Experience report also noted that many marketers feel their department is not well respected within the organisation. For that reason, working closely with other departments is vital – it gives marketers a chance to demonstrate value, and to build alliances that will ensure buy-in from colleagues and the board for marketing methods and goals.

4. Collaboration helps you understand your organisation

Brand purpose should flow naturally from the character and goals of the organisation. If you are creating or clarifying the brand identity of an existing company, or coming up with an approach to ethics and social good, HR will give you access to the thoughts and feelings of employees – extremely valuable intelligence for any marketer.

5. It benefits HR too

A partnership between marketing and HR is mutually beneficial. Both professions are all about influencing people – marketing wants to attract, engage and retain customers, human resources wants to do the same with employees. Unsurprisingly, access to marketing expertise is valuable to any HR professional.

For example, HR can apply lessons on segmentation and targeting to ensure that internal messages reach the right audience and achieve buy-in. Alternatively, they can measure and track the effectiveness of communications using the same techniques that marketers routinely use.

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