Optimising your marketing technology

Optimising your marketing technology

With a bewildering range of marketing technology available, it can be hard to decide what is right for your brand. This quick handy guide is designed to illustrate the stages involved in making a decision, and some of the solutions available to marketers.

The first question marketers must ask when considering using or buying marketing technology, is ‘what is my marketing objective?’. On the chart, there are five core goals that underpin the majority of marketing activity. This list is not exhaustive, however, and many marketers may be working to more detailed objectives.

The five goals are to: drive conversions, create loyalty, understand your customers, deepen customer engagement, and build brand awareness.

Once you have identified your objective, the next question concerns how much you are prepared to spend. Of course, the terms ‘big’ and ‘small’ budget are subjective. These options have been introduced to give some indication of how financial constraints feed-in to the decision process. It should help to filter out inappropriate solutions – for example, a start-up may not have the budget to create a bespoke mobile app for customers. Equally, a FTSE100 company is probably already looking at A/B testing as a matter of course on e-communications.

The final stage is to determine whether the objective requires a ‘short’ or ‘long’ term solution. Again, these terms are subjective, but the intention is to note the difference between a one-off campaign and a practice a brand may want to adapt on an ongoing basis. For example, publishing a single article on LinkedIn could be ideal in raising awareness of a brand. This may be the limit of a business’ marketing ambitions, and the campaign ends there. An ongoing solution, however, that was still cost-effective, could involve using Google Adwords to boost discovery from organic search.

Some of the listed solutions might have more than one application. For example, using programmatic advertising could be an effective way of building awareness, by reaching a large number of consumers in one go. However, it could be used to drive conversions if combined with a retargeting campaign, maybe by offering certain customers personalised discounts.  

While marketing technology can be a complex business, breaking down the decision process can help make the decision simpler, and lead to a more effective, appropriate solution. 



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James Richards
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