Marketing must-reads for summer 2019

Marketing must-reads for summer 2019

Summer’s here, school’s out and it’s time to pack your suitcase for your next holiday

With shelves stacked full of summer must-reads, we bring you a definitive list of the books that will help you return to the office refreshed and up-to-date on the latest marketing trends

Human/Machine: The Future of our Partnership with Machines

This book offers a blueprint to avoid being left behind and unearth the opportunities unique to human-machine partnership ecosystems. Featuring detailed case studies on well-known brands such as Amazon and Intel who are already using the power of machines to their advantage, Human/Machine is an insightful read on how automation and AI is rapidly developing into a future of human-machine partnerships.


Will the workplace of the future be overrun by machines and robots? Are the new frontiers of artificial intelligence (AI) on the cusp of dethroning us in efficiency, intelligence and innovative potential? Automation and AI will augment our human world and potential. The winners of the future of work are those that harness the power of machines to their advantage. Human/Machine is the only guide you need to understand the fourth industrial revolution. It sets out a road map to the challenges ahead, but also unlocks the wondrous opportunities that it offers.

This title explores how we will work symbiotically with machines, detailing how institutions, companies, individuals and education providers will evolve to integrate seamlessly with new technologies. With exclusive case studies, this book offers a glimpse into the future and details how top companies are already thriving on this very special relationship. From gamification in job training to project management teams integrated with bots and predictive technologies that fix problems in the supply chain before they happen, the authors deliver a powerful manifesto for the adoption and celebration of automation and AI.


The Creative Thinking Handbook

Some people say that creativity is about thinking outside the box, while others believe it is about being creative inside it; but what if there is no box at all? Chris Griffith’s handbook has lots of practical tools and templates, case studies, activities and diagrams to help you become more creative in your problem solving and idea generating, in and out of the boardroom.


More than 82 per cent of companies believe creativity directly impacts results, yet few of us understand how it comes about or how to put it into practice. If we could identify and remove the 'box' around our thinking, we could unlock unlimited streams of creativity for professional and business success.

The Creative Thinking Handbook enables you to develop your creative problem-solving skills to make better decisions with an individualized step-by-step strategy. Based on long-term research and testing of the creative thinking process, the book helps you generate more ideas and find brilliant solutions for any professional challenge and tips and advice that can also be applied to daily life.


Develop Your Leadership Skills

Develop Your Leadership Skills is leadership guru John Adair's most accessible title on leadership, with tips and summary points to keep you engaged. This essential pocket guide will boost your confidence levels, inspire you and guide you on your journey to becoming an excellent leader.


Acknowledged as a world expert, John Adair offers stimulating insights into recognizing and developing individual leadership qualities, acquiring personal authority and, most importantly, mastering core leadership functions such as planning, communicating and motivating.

This fully updated 4th edition now features even more practical exercises, useful templates, and top tips to improve or develop your leadership skills. This guide distils the essence of John Adair's teaching and provides a framework for effective leadership.


Wild Thinking: 25 Unconventional Ideas to Grow Your Brand and Your Business

Who is McLaren's greatest nemesis? What disappoints Ocado about their competitors? What wakes Google up at 4am? Why does Wimbledon sweat the small stuff? Wild Thinking is an interesting and insightful take on how some well-known brands overcame their own challenges, offering practical advice and tips on how you can solve the hurdles you may face in your own business life.


This book aims to provide readers with the confidence to run their business differently, through unique access to thinking from the most original organisations in business today.

The most successful businesses in the world are singular in their goals, yet they express them in many different and creative ways, allowing them to own a space that's distinctly theirs. Wild Thinking provides access to previously untold stories of how brand leaders at some of the most interesting global businesses solve their biggest challenges. Including interviews with Google, Ocado, McLaren, Comic Relief, V&A, National Trust, Dropbox and more, each chapter of Wild Thinking explores a different question about life and work, ending with a single-minded point of view to help you consider your business from a new perspective.


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