#CreateUK– how CIM is boosting Brand Britain

#CreateUK– how CIM is boosting Brand Britain

CIM is now part of the Creative Industries Council and is a partner in their new Create Together strategy. Here’s why it’s important for marketers.

We live in an era when the forces pulling people apart seem to be getting stronger. So it’s more important than ever to focus on what unites us – and to cooperate towards common goals.

There’s no vision like a shared vision.

The Creative Industries Council (CIC) is great example of that: a joint forum between the creative industries and UK government. Set up to be a voice for the creative industries, the council focuses on areas where there are barriers to growth. As the voice of the marketing profession, CIM is fully behind that objective and has joined the CIC to speak up for the importance of professional marketing. With a seat on the Council’s Marketing and Communications Group, CIM will be at the table when the creative industries get together to work out shared priorities. 

Once such joint enterprise is the Creative Industries Council’s new strategy, Create Together. Developed collaboratively by and for the creative industry, it is a shared vision for the future. The aim? To drive economic growth in the UK – business growth and job growth – by encouraging exports and inward investment in this important sector.

The fact is that Britain’s creative industries are a vital part of our economy, worth almost £10 million per hour to the country – that’s £84.1 billion per year, with an annual growth rate of 8.9 per cent. One in every 11 jobs is now in the creative sector. Clearly, the success of this part of our economy is important to us all.

Yet, this is only the start. When people think of British creativity, their minds naturally turn to a global literary phenomenon like Harry Potter or TV extravaganzas like Wolf Hall. However, our creative industry is extremely diverse. Marketers are an indispensable component of this varied tapestry.

First of all, the work that we do is inherently creative. The government already recognises this when compiling statistics – it identifies advertising and marketing as part of the creative bloc, along with professions ranging from architecture and product design to software and publishing. But more can be done to speak up for the variety of creative contributions professional marketers make to business success, and that’s what CIM will do as part of the CIC.

Furthermore, we stand to benefit by exporting our skills and expertise. As we’ve noted in the past, markets exist out there which stand to benefit from UK expertise – Asia, Africa, and more traditional targets such as North America all offer opportunities for ambitious marketers.

We as UK marketers – and CIM as an organisation – educate people abroad and add value to professions and organisations worldwide. We already have an international reach. CIM wants to ensure government can see the value added to the UK’s economy and brand by the export of professional marketing know-how.

Building on that, in the era of impending Brexit, it’s vital that we boost ‘Brand Britain’ internationally to safeguard the future growth of our economy. The aim of Create Together is to boost the whole range of creative exports from £19.8bn in 2014 to £31bn by 2020.

Marketers have the skillset and the passion to do just that - whether directly exporting UK marketing know-how, or driving the marketing efforts of other creative businesses. As our Chief Executive, Chris Daly, has said, the marketing profession is uniquely placed to add value to British businesses as they seek cooperation and mutual profit abroad.

Chris said that "marketing’s role is clear" – and as part of the Creative Industries Council, CIM will work to ensure that role is widely understood and supported.

Click here for more on the goals and methods of Create Together.

Steve Woolley Head of External Affairs CIM
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