Catalyst issue two: Brand experience

Catalyst issue two: Brand experience

Welcome to the Brand issue.

Issue two of Catalyst is focused on brand. How do you nurture it? How do you embed it in your organisation and deliver on the promises you make? How do you develop it in conjunction with the customers and partners who share it with you? And most importantly, how do you protect it? Taking a deeper dive into those imperative questions to understand what state brand is in and what can the marketing profession do to deliver on the promises they make to their customer.

We have spoken with a variety of key influencers to get their expertise to help define, and respond to these questions which are central to anyone working in marketing.

The German philosopher GWF Hegel wrote about the unfolding of history and the development of culture as being part of a grand, idealistic, plan. He also warned of great cultures sometimes sowing the seeds of their own demise.

A similar theme is highlighted in the ‘Brand in crisis’ feature in this, the second issue of our quarterly magazine, Catalyst. The list of household-name brands that have become enmeshed in controversy in recent years continues to grow. But is the institution of brand really in crisis? We’d like to hear your views.



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