Catalyst issue three: Growth culture

Catalyst issue three: Growth culture

What is innovation if it doesn’t produce growth?

The answer: it’s nothing at all. At Catalyst, we suggest that innovation must lead to growth because, if it doesn’t, it’s worse than just a folly, it’s a waste of budget and resources.

But in a world where newness, speed and agility describe the spirit of the times, innovation is at risk of becoming something of a cult. Everyone wants to do it, but not all can, or need to, and not everyone does it well. Innovation can become an empty signifier – a word that is repeated by every creative, every brand, every forward-thinking organisation until it is nothing more than a cipher or a simulacrum – an unsatisfactory imitation of the real thing.

That’s why this issue of Catalyst is not called the Innovation issue, it’s called the Smart Growth issue. Inside, we delve beyond the headline-grabbing stories of new product development and campaigns to look at what really supports growth for different types of organisation. After all, what point is there in a marketing campaign if it doesn’t produce increased awareness, engagement or sales? What point is there in a new product if it’s not needed by your customers?

Innovation and disruption are goals, but planning and forming productive partnerships also underpin how marketers can help businesses grow. Indeed, we think of disruption, innovation, collaboration and strategy as being the four pillars of growth.

The question is, how are you using them?


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