Catalyst issue seven: Future forms

Catalyst issue seven: Future forms

“Turn and face the strange.” So sang David Bowie in his timeless hit ‘Changes’.

It’s a line that might ring true for many marketers grappling with the transformations affecting the industry today. Innovations in technology are powering changes in consumer behaviour, in how marketers set out to meet their needs, and in the make-up of the organisations that profit by doing so.

Mobile technology means marketing can target consumers ‘in the moment’. And they can demand solutions from brands at the same time. Programmatic technology allows marketers to reach potential customers in that instant. Artificial intelligence lets us seek them out and deliver more useful content, products and services. It’s a glimpse of the future, today.

Meanwhile the surfeit of information and choice that digital channels has created for consumers has shaken up old certainties. Marketers are rightly asking questions as wide-ranging as whether audiences watch live TV any more, whether costly traditional ad campaigns are still viable when faced with the rise of influencer marketing, and whether rough demographics deliver consumer data that is fit for purpose.

Amid all of the disruption, marketers can hold onto a fundamental that remains rock steady – consumers enjoy marketing when it offers them solutions in their moment of need. This, at least, never changes.

In this issue of Catalyst we inspect these transformational trends and speak to marketers in businesses large and small, to ask whether this brave new world is really so strange, or simply just the new normal.


Catalyst issue seven: Future forms

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