Catalyst issue one: Digital transformation

Catalyst issue one: Digital transformation

Introducing the first issue of Catalyst – navigating a digital world.

As a CIM member, you get the benefit of reading our new magazine in both print and digital format. Catalyst explores the world of marketing.

With bespoke content and insightful interviews with prestigious brands such as Starbucks and Carlsberg, it will urge you to think differently; to collaborate; and to be confident about putting ideas into practice, whatever marketing field you work in.

Whether you want to learn more about programmatic or to understand digital marketing further, Catalyst is packed with great writing, first-rate ideas and insightful data. Catalyst incorporates genuine thought leadership that will give you the inspiration, information and authority you need to succeed in our changing and challenging world.

Wherever in the world you are, Catalyst will be relevant. Four times a year you will receive a magazine that turns the spotlight on the region in which you operate: whether in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe or elsewhere.


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