Catalyst issue nine: State of flux

Catalyst issue nine: State of flux

“Be water, my friend.” So said kung fu film star Bruce Lee. And who are we to argue?

What he meant, of course, is that water isn’t rigid; it moulds itself into whatever environment it is poured into, and yet remains water at all times. This is the essence of resilience – to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and needs, while staying true to an original purpose.

Many marketers today will recognise a scenario of contrasting desires. On the one hand, to jump on new trends and technology, following the customer into the latest digital marketing channels, and to innovate to stay ahead of the curve. On the other, to restate the core marketing principles that remain the foundation for all of the above – and to persuade colleagues who can’t see past the zeitgeist that it is time to refocus on the vision and values that still, as it were, hold water.

Digital transformation is just one example of many drivers that currently compete for marketing’s time and resources; can you afford to be left behind by not committing to cutting-edge tech? Maybe not. But can you afford to risk that spend without guaranteed ROI? Next there are questions around an uncertain economic outlook and of new regulations. The list goes on.

At these moments, we should remember that marketing is the great communicator. It speaks the language of the consumer, and of the boardroom, and it must translate these many challenges and opportunities into insights and actions. There might be no fixed or rigid approach to creating business resilience, but, with marketing as a conduit, there is a way forward.


Catalyst issue nine: State of flux

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