Start your day smarter

Start your day smarter

Three (more) daily tasks to make you a better marketer

For the upcoming launch issue of Catalyst magazine, Christina Richardson canvassed marketers to identify the three daily activities they consider most important. She found that monitoring your brand online; planning and reflection; and measuring success were consistently the top priorities. For marketers already focused on these areas, here are three more ideas for daily activities to boost marketing performance:

1. Work collaboratively

Good marketing emerges from good leadership.

It’s a given that the people in your marketing team have different backgrounds, ages, ideas and expertise. Taking advantage of this only when the big decisions are to be made might be the easier strategy – but if you talk to them every day and give them a regular opportunity to share their opinions, they can potentially make a much greater contribution.

2. Check for consistency

If it’s important to know what people are saying about your brand, it’s equally necessary to make sure your brand is communicating in a consistent manner.

Every campaign and every piece of content should fit together to give the customer or consumer a seamless brand experience. By regularly taking a few minutes to sample the company’s output on social media and elsewhere – whether produced by marketers or other people inside or outside your organisation – you can assess your communications and, where necessary, take action to get things back on track.

3. Celebrate success – every day

Marketing is a complex and challenging field, in which tangible results can be difficult to prove and recognition from colleagues is not always forthcoming.

It’s important to assess your campaigns against KPIs, so that you can iron out problems and do better in future. But don’t forget to celebrate when something goes well – no matter how small – and to make sure the whole team knows what you (or they) have achieved.

Following successful marketers on social media can inspire you in your own work and help you to recognise the small, everyday victories that add up to a successful campaign.

Rob Coston Reporter CPL
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