Small fish, big pond?

Small fish, big pond?

Moving from a small to a large company brings new challenges – and rewards too.

The first thing to say if you’re moving from a small to large company is ‘well done’. Larger companies often attract a surfeit of applications so, if you’ve made it through the front door, take heart.

And now take a deep breath: you’re about to learn a tremendous amount in a short space of time. While you’re progressing through the on-boarding process – and remember, that doesn’t end once the formal inductions are over – it’s beneficial to remember that the way you work is almost certainly about to change.


If you start work at a marketing department larger than the size you are familiar with, you might need to accept that some of the skills you once demonstrated on a weekly basis are now in the ownership of another team member. You might also be more directly accountable for a small part of the overall output, over which you feel you enjoy less control. This can be unnerving at first, but in time can bring focus and a level of insight and specialist expertise that would be impossible at a smaller company.


More people often means an increased number of formal meetings, a greater number of opinions about your work and the team’s objectives, and a more difficult job of building consensus and getting buy-in for your ideas. With a taller organisational structure, the C-suite might be less involved and seemingly out of reach for input. A broader structure can mean other departments might want a greater say in what you do. But what might at first appear ‘obstacles’ can, with clarity in communication and execution, lead to a higher standard of work.


As larger companies are often more established, you might benefit from greater funds and resources. With more established customers and longstanding repeat business, some aspects of your job will be less demanding. The strong brand recognition of an established major player is also easy to leverage when dealing with new prospects and partnerships – you’ll enjoy more brand clout than you were used to. And for yourself, attractive comps and bens packages, higher salaries, and an increased possibility of career advancement within the same firm, are all reasons to enjoy becoming a smaller fish in a bigger pond.

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Martin Bewick Content Lead CPL
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