Six ways to create space for online learning

Six ways to create space for online learning

Online learning offers the opportunity to develop your marketing skills, deepen your knowledge and gain a qualification. Here are several ways you can make time for studying in a busy work-life schedule.

1. Explain the benefits of your course to your employer

If you explain the benefits of your marketing course to your boss, colleagues or HR department, they may be able to offer you support. This could be a place to work on your assignments during lunch hour, or practical guidance about the content of your modules.

Remember: your workplace might support your online learning goals

2. Reward yourself when you meet your goals

An online course will often feature multiple modules and assessments of your knowledge. Remind yourself that you don’t need to do it all at once. It’s helpful to set weekly goals as this can keep you motivated without making you feel overworked. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Once you’ve met your targets for the week – perhaps a word count for a report, or getting through an online module – give yourself a reward. This helps you to build a positive association with your work, and reduces the psychological barrier that we all feel when faced with difficult tasks.

Remember: set goals and reward yourself for meeting them

3. A routine is vital for motivation and learning

Sports psychologists recognise the importance of ritual in performance. It’s the same with studying; you’ll make faster progress with your learning if you can develop a pattern of working. Rising an hour earlier in the morning is one way to do this. You can dedicate this time to your online learning with a clear mind, free from the distractions of the day. You’re more alert than in the evening and will retain more of the information you read. It’s also very empowering going to work having taken another step toward your personal goals.

Remember: you can empower yourself by working first thing in the morning

4. Aim for a quiet and tidy place to do your online studying

It will be much easier to snap into study mode if you have a tidy, clean and quiet environment to work in. Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen table or office desk, you can make it more pleasant by keeping it clutter-free and asking family, housemates or colleagues to respect your privacy while you’re studying.

Social media and mobile phones are a real distraction for any student. Treat your study time as sacrosanct and isolate yourself with the task by turning off your phone. This helps to develop your concentration skills and will make your study time much more effective.

Remember: turn off your smartphone to improve focus

5. Use apps to stay organised and back up your work

Many training providers teach through an online portal, which will be the focal point of your home studying. Use physical folders and files to keep track of printouts or handouts from events or lectures.

Free online tools such as Evernote allow you to ‘clip’ web pages into an application. This is the perfect way to keep track of online research or resources, and is much more effective than saving bookmarks on your browser.

It may also be worth investing in cloud storage options such as Dropbox or Google Drive. These tools will enable you to access your files at work, or while travelling using your phone or tablet. Also, this can help prevent the accidental loss of your notes or drafts.

Remember: apps are great to keep organised when you’re studying your online marketing course

6. Build your own peer community to support your learning

You’re more likely to enjoy your studying and reach the end of a course successfully if you’ve got support. Try to make contact with others studying the same course as you. Why not convene a study group through Google hangouts? It’s a great way to work through any questions you might have before turning to your course tutor for advice.

Remember: learning in a group can be enjoyable and keep you motivated

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