Publishing and content strategy

Publishing and content strategy

For over 100 years, CIM has provided information to inspire and elevate marketers – delving into those unanswered questions we all want solutions to and offering marketers a platform to express their opinions. The world of marketing has significantly changed, becoming more complex, fragmented and intricate than ever before. With an increasing number of specialisms and dramatic transformations in technology, tools and channels, you face as much uncertainty as you do opportunity and a world of new questions to answer.

Answering those questions

The world of information, media and content (as we once knew it) has become progressively complicated. The way we access content has been revolutionised – from a history of limited sources of information delivered one-way from media owners, to a complex web of thousands of information sources and a democratisation of ideas powered by technological innovation.

Today, great content can be just a click-away, but there’s a catch: how do you know what’s really valuable? How can you distinguish between ‘good practice’ and just ‘different practice’? At CIM, we're introducing a new publishing and content strategy that embraces these opportunities and the digital world we’re in – curating and creating great ideas, insights, thinking and separating the ephemeral from the essential.

How we consume content

Think about how you consume information. We're faced with a plethora of places to go for ‘content’ and the methods with which we search for, retrieve, consume and share information has advanced considerably. Social media, bloggers, search aggregators and apps have had an explosive impact on how we now read and utilise content. We no longer have to proactively search for news and insight, we can just type into Google a simple term of what we're looking for and there it will appear. Content finds us on a daily basis, whether we are engaging on social media sites or reading a review from a well-known blogger. It’s all right there at the click of a button.

When did it all become so easy? Do you remember the days when email and printed magazines were your go-to source for content? Those days when you had to sign up to newsletters and subscribe to magazines in order to retrieve that golden nugget to take back to your colleagues and bring into your marketing rational. Those days have gone. We have made ourselves so accessible that it’s now no longer just a choice between an email or a printed magazine, but also mobile, tablets, wearables (not to mention the ‘traditional’ desktop computer), as well as apps and social networks to contend with.

What we're doing

As we mentioned in our previous article ‘All change’ we're embracing this transformation and taking an integrated approach to how we create and curate great ideas and thinking. For our members, as well as the wider marketing community, this means you’ll be able to find all you need in one place. Not only will you receive a new publication, you will also have access to our digital ideas hub complete with a wealth of insight and new thinking - enriched with our latest thought leadership to insightful opinions, thought-provoking interviews to expert insights and case studies to practical ‘how-to’ guides.

We hope you're as excited as we are, and we look forward to hearing what you think of our future plans in the Special Edition - share your thoughts via or Twitter.

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Sammy Todd Former Marketing Manager CIM

Publishing and content strategy

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