How to retain your top marketing talent

How to retain your top marketing talent

In today’s world of digital technology, it’s easy to forget that marketing success stories are the result of individuals and teams.

But the changing expectations of younger employees, combined with greater competition from other organisations, has made it harder to retain talent. Here are some useful techniques to keep and nurture your marketing talent.

Work psychologists believe that higher salaries are less effective at motivating individuals than offering them with purpose, meaning and personal development. This is good news for marketing organisations, because it means it’s possible to hold onto talent without drastically inflating the wage bill. 

Training your marketing staff will make them feel more valued

Your marketing team will feel more valued if they know you’re investing in them by providing training. It builds loyalty and boosts their skill sets, thereby adding value back into the company. With new marketing tools and technologies coming on stream every year, it makes sense to ensure your team is up to date with the latest developments. Training can also make your firm a desirable place to work for prospective employees.  

Inexpensive perks are more cost-effective than recruiting and retraining

Perks can range from providing fruit in the office, to free classes or company social events. Often, these are the first things to be cut when times are tough. But it’s more cost-effective to offer these small benefits than paying to recruit and retain new staff, especially if the outgoing individuals are highly skilled and experienced.

Another popular option is for companies to embrace flexible working. Those individuals who build this into their working life are likely to appreciate their situation to a greater extent and be less likely to look elsewhere.

Internal communications plays an important role in keeping teams happy

How information is communicated within an organisation makes a big difference to the satisfaction levels of all employees. If the workforce feels included in decisions, and is kept up to date with developments that have an impact on the business, they will feel more satisfied. It’s also important for management to convey a sense of purpose, vision and direction for an organisation. Transparent internal marketing communication plays a key role in retaining and nurturing talent.

Build marketing career pathways and recruit internally

It’s important for individuals to be able to envisage their progression within a marketing function or wider organisation. If you offer a clear pathway of career development – and enough mid-level roles – your marketers are less likely to be tempted to leave for another organisation. Also, ensure you establish a policy that prioritises internal recruitment when vacancies arise.

Agile marketing can give your team members a greater sense of ownership                      

At its core, agile marketing involves giving teams and individuals more autonomy over their work. Under this model, they are encouraged to take greater ownership, and it allows them to see how their contribution fits into the overall marketing strategy. These elements offer marketers a greater sense of role satisfaction, and a larger stake in your successes.

The quick read: how to retain your marketing talent
  1. Training can make employees feel valued and boost their skills
  2. Inexpensive perks are more cost-effective than recruitment
  3. Internal communications help teams feel involved and informed
  4. Build organisational career pathways and recruit internally
  5. Switching to agile marketing can give individuals more ownership

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James Richards Freelance Journalist
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