Five tools to help build strategy

Five tools to help build strategy

Harnessing digital systems can save time and refine visibility – and using online tools to plan and refresh your strategy is a logical step.

An effective marketing strategy doesn’t appear ready-made – it needs to be built and developed. To achieve success, it needs to consider all aspects of the creation process and channel this into a cohesive plan of action. It should be practical, cost-effective and sustainable.

A dynamic strategy incorporates change and understands the quickening digital environment. The current trend is that devices integrate and information collates in a central point – and tools that can help to rejuvenate your strategy are following suit.

Communication and planning are key practical components to developing strategy; here, we present five tools that can offer assistance.


Managing a marketing budget can be complex, especially when you need to pull financial data in from multiple sources and campaigns.

Tools such as Allocadia can help with this. Allocadia offers a cloud-based solution for budgeting and planning. It integrates with your existing marketing, finance and CRM software and pulls all this – including your marketing budget and plan – into one dashboard. The higher visibility aids effective budgeting, showing what is working and what is not.


Budgeting time as well as money is a crucial part of building strategy. Tools such as Tick allow users to allocate time budgets to projects, assign team members, and track progress closely. It gives administrators the ability to check on the status of projects and identify personnel issues before time is wasted.

Using tools to streamline processes and save time can inject value into a strategy, and social media is an area where this can pay dividends. Content DJ provides a social media editorial calendar that offers drag and drop scheduling, long-term views of posts and approvals, as well as interactions with the main social media platforms.

Team communication

For effective collaboration in building strategy, teams need effective, clear structures to update each on developments and communicate quickly.

Tools such as Trello can offer an integrated system to help with this. Trello is highly visual, displaying a central board in which team members drop cards into and can see team updates in real time. Choosing a system such as this means that long email threads, spreadsheets with multiple versions and notes on desks can become a thing of the past, and communication gets quicker.

iDoneThis offers another way to ensure your team is kept updated and in touch with each other. Each day, the software reminds team members to respond with information on their achievements and progress for the day, which is then circulated around the team in a digest the following morning. It can help to monitor the daily progress of a project strategy and reallocate time or people where they are needed.

Maeve Sinnott Journalist CPL
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