Five reasons you should enter awards

Five reasons you should enter awards

Awards can be challenging and time-consuming to enter, yet they also improve brand awareness, provide great PR opportunities and can help you to win new business. However, there are even more reasons for submitting your organisation – here are five suggestions as to why it could be the right move.

1. It keeps your clients and partners happy.

For agency marketers, awards demonstrate that the work you are doing is high quality – and the glittering evenings, with guest speakers and good food, are a great opportunity to mingle with people that you normally only encounter via email or at the end of a phone line. Bonding with clients is, of course, important.

This is also true for in-house marketers, especially those working for companies that act as suppliers of goods and services. If you’re nominated for a project that you have collaborated on with one of your partners or customers, it will give them a positive feeling about your work.

2. It motivates employees.

Entering individuals or teams for an award demonstrates to them that the organisation values their work. A victory is a big confidence booster, naturally – but, even if you don’t win, entering can help with teambuilding and employee retention. For that matter, it can be a good way for the HR department to attract new talent.

It is also a positive opportunity for people to consider their work in a critical light, and seek ways to improve.

3. It boosts the marketing department internally.

If the contributions of marketing aren’t respected within an organisation, it’s hard to get anything done. The trouble is, respect is often conditional on results – and marketing success can be hard to measure.

Awards are a good way for marketers to win allies within the organisation. Firstly, it is a chance to demonstrate value; they are an arena in which you – as a marketer – can show that the organisation's outperforming its competitors. Secondly, the individuals you decide to nominate are likely to be flattered, and by collaborating with them to draw up award entries you can forge strong working relationships.

4. It demonstrates your organisation’s place in the industry, both in terms of quality and focus.

An award win highlights your expertise. It gives you something to announce and, often, a winner’s logo to affix to your website or packaging. This provides external validation, acting as a stamp of quality.

Furthermore, by entering or even winning the right awards – for example, those that focus on green issues or fair trade – you can show customers that you share their views and embody their values. It increases your credibility in their eyes and acts as a differentiator.

5. It forces your company to analyse projects.

Entering awards usually involves laying out aims, key performance indicators and results – it’s an incentive to focus on measurability.

Writing out entries gives marketers and others in the organisation the chance to step back and analyse what they have done. This can lead to improved processes and, eventually, results. Even if you don’t win, this opens doors for people to ask why – and to look at ways of improving practices based on competitor performance.


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