Facebook moves in on your newsfeed

Facebook moves in on your newsfeed

It is common knowledge that Facebook is a go-to resource for news updates and content. So many brands and people in general are sharing new ideas and publishing their latest news through this social platform every day. Whether it’s the latest gossip piece about a certain celebrity or an in-depth article around sustainability and the future. We are all sharing – every single day.

So, it came to no surprise that the social giant that is Facebook recently announced that they are introducing something called Instant Articles which will essentially offer publishers such as the Guardian the chance to produce interactive content which will showcase on your newsfeed. This will of course make the experience of retrieving content through a tablet or mobile phone faster.

According to Facebook, the average news story takes 8 seconds to load. The overall aim of Instant Articles is to increase both user and reading experience. Of course, this isn’t the only benefit – it’s Facebook we’re talking about here. Publishers will all be able to (in the words of Facebook) ‘bring their stories to life’ with audio captions, videos, photos and interactive maps.

So what’s the catch?

I could tell you all too just go with it, it sounds fantastic. As a Facebook user I like reading articles through my phone, having easier access to them can only be a bonus. However, how will this change effect brands? There are definitely some questions that come to mind. Facebook is known to be a resource for brands to drive traffic, how will this new addition effect click-through rates? Will we see a growth or decline?

Once again, we become even more reliant on the internet.

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