Brexit: marketing's role is clear

Brexit: marketing's role is clear

Now that Britain has decided to leave the EU, we are likely to see a period of uncertainty as a new Prime Minister is selected and we enter negotiations over the exit terms, our new relationships with Europe and with the rest of the world. 

All this uncertainty will inevitably mean a turbulent time for business. CIM’s pre-referendum survey revealed that marketers and many of the companies they worked for were unsure about the implications of Brexit.

But one thing is certain. In difficult times, when business is facing strong headwinds, strengthening and retaining market share and keeping focused on new opportunities are essential. Understanding and retaining relationships with existing customers will be key to survival and growth, as will using market and customer insight to find those new opportunities and new markets.

And that is what marketing and professional marketers do for business. Now, more than ever, is a time when marketing is a vital investment to make.

So, as we enter this new era, marketers can put uncertainty about the implications of leaving the EU behind them and concentrate and be confident on doing what they do best: to champion the customer and help business define its strategic direction and grow.

Much will remain uncertain for business - but the vital role of marketing is crystal clear.

Chris Daly Chief Executive CIM
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