Are Marketers too obsessed with digital?

Are Marketers too obsessed with digital?

If you asked me ten years ago what a marketing career path looks like, I could have told you. The journey was mapped out from Marketing Assistant, to Exec, to Manager, Director and maybe even Chief Marketing Officer. Combining hard work and a bit of luck a well-earned retirement beckoned on the golf course or consulting circuit for the super keen. Today we live in a very different world. Where there was once a career path there is now a veritable Ordnance Survey map of routes through working life.

Portfolio careers, changes of industry or direction and opportunities to specialise in areas that didn't even exist a few years ago are all now a part of the marketing landscape.

Marketing has changed radically since I started my career twenty years ago. The pace of change is increasing all the time. For a profession that has always prized the innovative and the new over the status quo this pace is exciting but we need to make sure we have the skills to keep up and keep ahead. We are in a digital age and many of us are rightly focussing our attention on our digital and social media skills to keep up with the Joneses, but for me digital is just a part of the story.

Many marketers talk about marketing as if it is purely digital. In the rush to innovate we mustn’t lose sight of traditional skills in marketing strategy, business, finance and management. As we recruit “digital natives” and Tech professionals into Marketing, those of us who have been around a while need to ensure we introduce them to the core principles of our profession as much as learning new digital mind-sets from them.

Teams and brands who can do this will be stronger for it, online and offline.

What are your thoughts? Do you think we are digital obsessed? Get involved in the discussion here.

Miza Von Tunzelman UK Lead Director, Marketing and Communications Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)
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