An Unruly partnership

An Unruly partnership

News Corp has announced that it is purchasing video ad-tech company Unruly in a £114 million deal. Sarah Wood, co-founder and co-CEO, interviewed in CIM’s new magazine talks about building marketing teams of the future.

In the first issue of Catalyst, Wood shares her views on what established companies – like Unruly’s new owners – can learn from tech start-ups like her own.

“To compete, big corporations need to learn how to operate like small, nimble start-ups and introduce some of the principles that are proven to drive innovation,” she said. “This means transforming their hidebound and siloed cultures and becoming more agile.”

Unruly maintains its independence as a separate business unit under the same leadership, allowing it to stick to its own strategies. However, it will be able to pursue its aims on a grander scale thanks to the global reach of its new owner.

Why has News Corp gone ahead with the deal? For starters, the group gains enhanced capabilities in programmatic, premium video and mobile. “We have always been pioneers in our field, so combining the formidable reach and resonance of our titles with their cutting-edge technology and video expertise will help accelerate our growth in this digital age,” said Rebekah Brooks, Chief Executive of News UK.

But executives may also be hoping to bring some Unruly thinking into their business. “At Unruly, we use our own version of agile development, called Extreme Programming – and we believe big organisations can learn from this,” said Wood.

CIM members can find out more about Unruly’s methodology from the digital edition of Catalyst.


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