All change

All change

CIM's Director of Strategy and Marketing on a world of new support for members

Few would disagree that we're in one of the most dynamic professions in business today, during one of the most dynamic times in modern economic history.

Many cite the disruptive, ever-changing environment we’re in as full of risk for marketing and marketers, but we see a more positive outlook.

The changing nature of market dynamics are presenting new go-to-market models in ever more competitive ways. New technologies and tools are creating greater opportunity for pace, agility and improved effectiveness through deeper customer, consumer and stakeholder engagement.

The explosion of channels and media of recent years has unlocked greater avenues to reach audiences in ever more targeted ways. This is a great time to work in marketing. However we recognise that few of the opportunities which change presents us with are free from risk and raise questions for marketers.

We're constantly asking ourselves how we need to adapt, what we need to prioritise and pay most attention to and what ‘good’ looks like.

Our response is the introduction of a world of new support for members, and the wider marketing community. In September we're introducing the first of a new portfolio of benefits to help CIM members keep ahead of the curve and seize on the opportunities, rather than the downsides, of disruption and change.

New support from CIM

We begin with the introduction of a new publishing and content strategy. In practical terms, from September we’re unveiling an exclusive new member publication which replaces ‘The Marketer’. We’re not just tweaking the magazine though – we're introducing a profoundly different publication: higher quality, more in-depth analysis and with greater recognition of the international context of our member community.

Exploring the world of marketing, our new publication will urge you to think differently; to collaborate; and to be confident about putting ideas into practice, whatever marketing field you work in. It will be packed with great writing, first-rate ideas, lively debate, insightful data, and genuine thought leadership that will give you the inspiration, information and authority you need to succeed in our changing and challenging world.

>> Global

Four times a year you will receive a magazine that turns the spotlight on the region in which you operate, with an Asia-Pacific edition, an Africa edition, and a Europe and International edition.

>> Expert

The editorial team will cast its net wide in search of stories that resonate and people that inspire. Business leaders and marketing experts, both practitioners and commentators, will help tell those stories with rigour and in depth. But we won’t be worthy or academic. That’s not our style. There will be plenty of opinion and analysis – some from us and plenty from others – because marketing is a discipline that thrives on debate, challenge and insight.

>> Special reports

What else? Special reports on the big trends emerging in our industry, drilling down into sector detail when there’s something everyone can be inspired by. You will find case studies of brilliant marketing from around the world, and discussion with influential people doing things well, and sometimes differently. And we won’t shy away from exploring how challenges have been overcome (or not) when things haven't gone to plan.

>> Daily thinking

Alongside the new magazine, we will also be introducing a wealth of new thinking available daily on our new digital ideas hub which we call ‘Exchange’ – putting great insights from the top leaders, thinkers and doers from around the world.

>> Inspiring

We want the pieces you read to spur you into doing something. We hope you will want to share what you like, and what you don’t, via LinkedIn or Twitter. Start a conversation, or contribute to one. And learn: take an idea away and apply it in your work.

Your July/August ‘Special Edition

We've published a ‘Special Edition’ magazine, replacing what would have been your July/August issue of The Marketer. A digital version of this will be available to members on Monday 13 July, and you'll receive a copy on your desk or doormat around the same time.

Within this ‘Special Edition’, you'll find full details of the changes underway and how this will increase the support and value your membership of the CIM community provides. We're also unveiling our agenda for the year ahead so you know what to look forward to. From your new quarterly magazine to special reports, articles and podcasts to blogs, webinars and thought leadership initiatives.

In addition, we've interviewed a number of senior industry leaders to preview our agenda over the year ahead, from organisations including Visa Europe, Deloitte and InterContinental Hotels Group.

This is just the first in a series of changes that'll prove your membership of CIM’s community is indispensable.

My team and I can't wait to hear your feedback in September – don’t hesitate to share your thoughts via or Twitter.

CIM, Thomas Brown



Thomas Brown

Director, Strategy and Marketing



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