40 hours to success

40 hours to success

Effective marketers know that honing their craft is about working smarter, not longer. Here’s how.

1. Create a timeline. “It’s a basic tool but it’s the key to being an efficient, effective marketer,” says Ben Lifton, Marketing Coordinator at Jamie Oliver Limited. “It ensures you understand what deliverables you need from each department by when, which will ensure a campaign runs smoothly and effectively.”

2. Get to grips with the tools of your trade. “Make good use of Google, YouTube and Facebook analytics,” says Ben. “These analyse data and allow you to measure a campaign’s efficacy and performance. You can react to what you’re seeing in real time and tweak the campaign accordingly. These analytics also help a brand understand their audience, and what content (or products) they are consuming. By understanding the changing needs of your consumer, the marketer can create bespoke strategies to sustain customer satisfaction.”

3. Be consistent. “Keep brand messaging as consistent as possible,” says Ben Lifton. “This is particularly important when working on global campaigns, or alongside multiple partners – it prevents confusion both within an organisation and for the end user.”

4. Think big. “Devising an integrative campaign that bring together different mediums such as print, advertising and PR means you can plan an overall strategy rather than ‘bolting on’ additional activity which has to be planned and costed on the hoof,” says Carla Kenyon, Head of Resources for Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust.

5. Prioritise, says Sally Bratton, a PR, marketing and communications consultant.We all have to-do lists that go on forever, so you need to look at each task and decide what really needs to be done today – and what can wait until tomorrow, or even next week. This helps you to focus on the task in hand.”

6. Ask for help. “Share the workload so everyone stays engaged without feeling overwhelmed,” says Carla. “Delegating also brings out the best in everyone in the team – ideas are shared, as is the credit for a job well done.”

Claire Lavelle is a journalist and content creator for lifestyle magazines and businesses.

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