12 months into a digital transformation

12 months into a digital transformation

To say that we are currently in the epicentre of a disruptive digital environment is a big statement.

As the Chief Marketing Officer of Post Office Group, I am immersed within this ever-changing market and the pressures that we face as digital disruption continues to upend our traditional models.

My aim is to continue to keep up with the pace of change. Right now, we here at the Post Office are on a journey to alter our network and customer experience – placing digital at the very core of this transformation. Making changes to any business over time is inevitable.

As industry professionals, we understand and expect change to come. I think it’s more important that you’re ready for when that change arrives and you’re prepared for the challenges that follow. At the Post Office, there are a few steps we are taking to ensure that we continue to improve and grow, whilst still remaining an established key player within the market.

Digital focus to improve the customer journey It’s crucial that we create an authentic experience that meets our customer’s needs. Placing a greater focus on digital and omnichannel is part of this experience.

We have introduced a variety of omnichannel experiences – like currency bought online and collected in branch – to our new concept branch at Kennington Park with digital signage and an app you can use to check in to your place in the queue before you arrive. The more we focus on digital and continue to improve on the customer journey, the better the outcome we achieve.

For example, our growth in online revenues by over 40% year-on-year. The importance of data is also vital to our business, with approximately 18 million visits per week. Moving from a transactional to relational view is key for us to build stronger, lasting relationships.

Collecting data at the point of transaction is a key element of our go forward plan. Our ‘drop and go’ proposition for small businesses combines on and offline to provide a more focused in-branch experience.

Improving offline Improving what we do offline is just as crucial as it is online, which is why we are in the midst of transforming in-branch. We’ve already transformed over 4,000 branches with a more modern, fresher experience. We want to continue to progress, therefore further testing and refining of our customer experience is underway, and will be rolled out across the network with greater use of digital in mind.

Staying connected over the years, mobile technology has made a significant impact on business – offering a successful and effective tool to connect with customers. Hence, mobile is also central to our plans. The best example I can give is our travel money card app where customers can use the app to top up their card and find the nearest cashpoint to withdraw funds, wherever they are in the world.

This is an exciting time for Post Office Group – we have a solid plan routed in digital and omnichannel to help fuel our future growth. I’ll be further exploring the lessons learnt and the challenges faced within this transformation at CIM’s Digital Summit 2015.

Pete Markey Chief Marketing Officer Post Office Group
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